Under the umbrella of the CAHR, NorthBEAT (Barriers to Early Assessment & Treatment) is a collaboration of researchers and mental health service providers across Northern Ontario. Between 2012-2015, the NorthBEAT team conducted a study to learn about the barriers and facilitators that youth who experience psychosis in Northern Ontario face in receiving early psychosis intervention. The next steps for NorthBEAT involve addressing some of the barriers revealed through this project. This includes developing, implementing, and evaluating an eLearning training program that can be accessible online, especially for people living in rural, remote and northern regions. More information on the NorthBEAT Project can be found here.

NorthBeat Project Team (from left to right): Dr. Chiachen (Chi) Cheng, Principal Investigator of the NorthBeat Project; Shevaun Nadin, Project Coordinator; Carole Lem, Research Assistant

Chiachen Cheng, MD, FRCP(C), MPH, Project Lead

Chiachen Cheng, MD, FRCP(C), MPH
Project Lead - NorthBEAT Project

Dr. Cheng is a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist and Physician Researcher in Thunder Bay. She is also Medical Director of Northwestern Ontario’s only Early Psychosis Intervention service.


Shevaun Nadin, PhD, Research Coordinator

Shevaun Nadin, PhD
Research Coordinator - NorthBEAT Project

Shevaun is the coordinator of the NorthBEAT project. She conducts all of the project interviews and coordinates project activities.


Carole Lem, Research Assistant

Carole Lem
Research Assistant - NorthBEAT Project

Carole is the NorthBEAT project’s assistant and administrative staff. She is responsible for day-to-day project support and communications.