CAHR Membership

The mandate of the Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHR) is to build research capacity and new knowledge through focused research efforts and the support of researchers, and to become a recognized leader in applied health research.

There are two classes of membership for the CAHR: 1) full member, and 2) associate member. Full members comprise full-time and part-time employees of SJCG (consultants are not considered employees). All SJCG employees conducting research are required to be members of the CAHR. Associate members comprise researchers outside SJCG but whose research interests coincides with those of the organization. To apply to become a CAHR member, fill out our online application, or contact us.

Members (full and associate) are eligible to apply for internal seed funding when available, and they also have access to other forms of supports (e.g., project consultation, statistical service) when possible.

Members are required to report their research activities to the CAHR on an annual basis (by January 31st of each year). This information and membership details will be used to create a database including researchers’ interests, projects, and output (e.g., publications) and to describe research activities at SJCG. Members are also expected to abide by policies regulating research activities including Research Ethics Board approval.

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